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Car Rental Chicago and the Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are a Major League Baseball team that plays on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois and is in the Central Division of the American League. The Chicago White Sox was founded in 1893 as the Sioux City, Iowa franchise in the minor Western League and was known as the "Sioux City Cornhuskers". In 1895, it moved to St. Paul, Minnesota and then to Chicago in 1900. The name "White Sox" is actually short for "White Stockings" and the name came from when the team was in St. Paul Saints. Why don't you come and visit the Chicago White Sox in their home ballpark at the U.S. Cellular Field (formerly known as the "New Comiskey Park") with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals? A fun time for your entire family or just by yourself, you will find yourself singing the teams fights song (which is "Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox" by the way) in no time when you're traveling with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals.

1. 2. 3. strikes your out!

During the early 20th century, the Chicago White Sox were strong contenders winning 5 out of the first 19 league pennants. However, after the 1919 "Black Sox" Scandal in were eight members of the Chicago White Sox franchise plotted with gamblers to intentionally lose games, the Chicago White Sox only won one league championship between 1920 to 2004. Finally in 2005, the Chicago White Sox won its first World Series Championship since 1917. So why don't you catch the next Chicago White Sox game when you are in town with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals.

The meaning of those uniforms...

The Chicago White Sox has long been noted for its many uniform changes and innovations. In fact, one of their innovations was in 1960 where the Chicago White Sox became the first team in a major sport to put the last name of a players name on their jersey. Initially, the Chicago White Sox uniforms had a block "C" in red and the uniforms shade of blue was often changed starting with navy and then to midnight blue (on white). The Chicago White Sox most famous logo debuted in 1912, it featured a roman-style "S" lettering with "O" in the first curve and "X" in the bottom curve. They wore this uniform during their win in the 1917 World Series championship and the 1919 Black Sox scandal. The Chicago White Sox would in fact go through a lot of changes throughout the years. When Eddie Einhorn and Jerry Reinsdorf became the new owners of the Chicago White Sox, they announced a contest for fans to create a new uniform. The winning entry was the word "SOX" written across the jersey front with red and blue stripes on the sleeves. It was a good choice because it was in those jerseys that the Chicago White Sox won 99 games and the AL West championships in 1983, gaining the honor of having the best record in the majors. Presently, the Chicago White Sox uniform consists of the old English "SOX" logo. The team's primary color has changed from blue to black with silver trim and has only experienced minor modifications such as black game jerseys and vests since then. Come see the huge difference in today's uniform of the Chicago White Sox with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals.

Please visit the Chicago White Sox' official website at for more information on their playing schedule so you can better plan your trip with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals.


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