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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and Little Italy

Are you ready for sensory overload? From the taste of the food to the sounds of the streets, Chicago's Little Italy neighborhood is sure to excite all five of your sense! Located between the Illinois Medical District and the University of Illinois Campus, the Little Italy neighborhood has a marked presence in the city due in part to its collection of famous restaurants. Customers in Chicago car rentals can find some of Chicago's busiest venues with a quick drive down Taylor Street, not too mention some of the city's tastiest meals! A full Italian-American experience is waiting for car rental customers in the community, thanks to the National Italian Sports Hall of Fame, Joe DiMaggio Square and the stunning Garibaldi Park. The mother of all vacations is waiting for you inside this cozy Italian neighborhood, so why wait? Simply follow your noise to Chicago's sensory center - the neighborhood of Little Italy!

Smell Success! Taste the Difference!

Everyone loves Italian food. From the thick and sultry tomato sauces to the thin and slippery noodles, nothing beats a hearty home cooked Italian dinner. That's why some of the city's most popular restaurant venues are located right here, in the heart of Little Italy. Satisfying your cravings from a delicious meal is easy in this neighborhood, so come ready to quash your cravings! Legendary restaurants in the neighborhood include Rosebud's, Pompeii, Francesca's and Tuscany. Practically every street in the city is simmering with mouthwatering aromas, making it next to impossible to resist the temptation! Customers of Chicago Car Rentals are also encouraged to pop into Mario's Italian Lemonade shop for one of the neighborhoods best refreshments - a gelato! The aromas and flavors of Little Italy are a big part of the neighborhoods international appeal, so don't be afraid to stop in for a bite during your upcoming trip. Just remember to come hungry!

The Texture of Tradition

Anyone that takes the time to drive these streets in their Chicago car rental can feel the silent whispers of an overpowering Italian heritage. Street names like Lena Valentino Avenue and Angela DeVito Avenue immediately remind travelers of the community's heartfelt history. Prevalent examples of the city's pride can be found everywhere - from the Scafuri Bakery to the statue of Christopher Columbus on Lexington. Maintaining the "Italianicity" of Little Italy is extremely important to the people that live and work in the neighborhood so please take the time to appreciate your surroundings. Although the community is much smaller than it used to be (the creation of the Illinois Medical District displaced many of the original tenants) the community still manages to maintain a tight-knit community through their infallible tradition and friendly functions. No one is ever a strange in Little Italy, so grab a friend and get ready to explore the streets in your Chicago car rentals! Who knows the treasures you might turn up!

The Sights and Sounds of Spirituality

Most Italians who came to the United States as early immigrants were Roman Catholics. The city of Chicago quickly began a haven of spiritually and healing for these uprooted civilians. Our Lady of Pompeii Church first opened its doors on the northeast corner of Lexington way back in April of 1911. Since then the church has been proclaimed a shrine, as well as a center of hospitality, evangelization and spiritual growth. If you have the opportunity, Chicago Exotic Car Rentals highly recommends sitting in on a church mass sessions. Old traditions are an integral part of the church as every mass features Italian language. Other parishes that connect the community through their sounds of spirituality include the Notre Dame de Chicago and St. Callistus on West Bowler.

Chicago Car Rentals reminds all their customers to look, touch, taste, hear and smell their way to a fantastic vacation in Little Italy!


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