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Chicago Exotic Car Rental and the Mercedes S430/S500 AMG

Imagine driving through the streets of downtown Chicago. What kind of car are you driving? Is it an expensive foreign sedan, or maybe you’d prefer a powerful European sports car? Well, what if you could have both?! The folks at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals are proud to announce the unveiling of their latest luxury vehicle acquisition straight from the world’s leading exotic automobile specialist! The new Mercedes-Benz S430 and S500 AMG exotic car rental Chicago rent-a-cars are here and boy are they beautiful! From the smell of the leather to the glitter of the chrome, these new Mercedes rentals are jam-packed with some of the industries finest styling features, not to mention some of the latest engineering advancements! Mature drivers simply love the styling of these new exotic car rental Chicago rent-a-cars so why not add a little refinement to your upcoming Windy City vacation?! Reserve one of the all new S-Class exotic car rentals today and experience the art of fine driving!

Enhancing the Golden Years One Car Rentals at a Time!

Are you looking to cure a serious case of midlife crisis during your upcoming exotic car rental Chicago vacation? If so, the Mercedes Benz S430 and S500 AMG vehicles are your prescription for perfect health! Every seam and detail on these vehicles is enriched with a sense of success, maturity and comfort. Solid and handsome, the new S-Class line of exotic car rentals is perfect for travelers who’ve seen the world and understand the value of a well made machine. Equipped with a superior mix of sophistication and energy, the new S430 and S500 AMG vehicle rentals easily surpass the competition in comfort and style, not mention mechanical engineering. Loaded for bear with a seven speed automatic 5.0 liter V8 engine, the new S-Class line of luxury sedans can go from 0 to 60mph in an impressive 6.1 seconds. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is also lighter than its competitors weighing significantly less than vehicles like the Bentley Phantom and BMW 7-Series. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up the good stuff, in fact it means just the opposite! So go ahead – treat your aging self to something special during your upcoming exotic car rental Chicago vacation! Reserve a Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicle today!

Need to Enhance Circulation? Simply Push Down on the Accelerator!

If you’re having trouble getting your body in gear early in the morning the doctors at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals highly recommend taking a spin inside one of the new S-Class rental vehicles! It’s sure to get your heart pumping! From the ultra-responsive steering to curve-hugging handling, the new S-Class line of vehicles simply demand decisive driving! Believe you me – this is not your grandmother’s Mercedes! Designed with a distinct sports car-like edge, the new S430 and S500 AMG luxury sedans are rigid and responsive, executing advanced driving maneuvers with ease and experience. From maturing muscle car enthusiasts to mellowing corporate tycoons, the new Mercedes S-Class rentals are the ideal choice for a well balanced automotive diet!

Sit Back and Relax – You’re Driving a Mercedes!

Finding a vehicle with the right blend of comfort and excitement can often be difficult. Thankfully that’s no longer the case here at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals! Even though this vehicle looks like a sexy stiletto, it still manages to fit like a well-worn sneaker, providing exotic car rental Chicago customers with the ultimate road machine. Travelers of all ages can really get used to the plush feeling of fine European fabrics inside these vehicles! Interior amenities abound inside these vehicles as well, enhancing the vehicles drivability and overall consumer appeal.

If you’re looking to stay youthful during your upcoming exotic car rental Chicago vacation, try not to reserve one of those flashy muscle car vehicles. Choose a vehicle that’s sophisticated on the outside and sporty on the inside! Choose one of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedans and go home happy! If you would like to learn more about the new line of Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently available at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals please feel free to contact the customer service hotline at 1-886-661-1054.



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