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A little hint of the Orient has found its way into Jackson Park in the form of the Osaka Japanese Garden. Located on the north end of the Wooded Island in historic Jackson Park, the Osaka Garden features a fantastic collection of oriental horticulture and architecture. The origins of this beautiful garden date back more than 100 years, when the Japanese government provided Chicago with a beautiful building for display at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. This unique gift planted the seeds for a larger, more elaborate garden display inside the park, harboring an everlasting relationship between Chicagoans and Japan. The Osaka Garden was officially established in 1934 and is now one of the most visited sections of Jackson Park. Over time, both Chicago and Japan have made significant contributions to the Garden, providing customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals with an exotic escape from the city. The natural beauty of the Osaka Garden is highlight by traditional Japanese-style elements, so what are you waiting for? Get your Zen on with a visit to the peaceful Osaka Garden today.

Surprises wait for you around every bend at the Osaka Garden

The Osaka Garden in Jackson Park is designed according to the principles and components of traditional Japanese hillside strolling gardens. Customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals will find that they can never view the garden in its entirety from any one spot in the landscape. This is because traditional Japanese garden architects believe that a garden stroll should include hidden displays of natural beauty designed to stimulate every sensory muscle. Important features inside the Osaka Garden include a turtle island in the pool, a moon bridge, lanterns and a number of statues. All components of the garden help combine the natural elements of nature - rock, water, hillsides and vegetation. In fact, customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals will have a find time distinguishing made-man items within the natural landscape as they blend seamlessly into the overall picture. Exceptional attractions within the Osaka Garden include the gate, the pavilion and the newly restructured waterfall. The rocks within Osaka Garden are also worth mentioning as they have special meaning within a Japanese Garden setting. From the gigantic glacial erratic rock outside the gates to the mixed gravel and purple-red granite walkways, every stone has a significant effect on the aura and ambience of the garden landscape.

A day of festivities and joy within the garden: The Osaka Garden Festival

During the late 1990's, an annual celebration was held inside the Osaka Garden as part of Chicago's Japanese cultural celebration. Known as the Osaka Garden Festival, this celebration included arts and music, along with ceremonial and martial arts performances. The celebration was held the second weekend in September and attracted hundreds of curious visitors. Unfortunately, the festival has been cancelled the past few years due to a number of undisclosed problems. But not all is lost! The Osaka Garden Festival could be revised in 2007 with the help of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs-Sister Cities, the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals are encouraged to follow any new developments concerning the festival by visiting the official Osaka Garden website at

If you're looking to infuse your upcoming Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals vacation with some eastern flare, there's no better place to look then the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park. Customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals are invited to participate in a free tour of the garden by joining Doug Anderson's Wooded Island Bird Tours every Wednesday at 7am, and Saturday at 8am. The Osaka Garden is located at 5800 South Lake Shore Drive inside Jackson Park.


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