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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Pullman Historic District

If you were to envision a picture perfect community what would you see? Would there be friendly neighbors, comfortable housing and satisfying jobs? Would you see unique shops and original restaurants? Of course you would. Now imagine if a place like that actually existed today; where would it be? How about the Pullman Historic District on the south side of Chicago! Sure the Pullman Historic District has had its problems through the years, but all in all, this community captures the ideal neighborhood outlook. Built in the 1880s by George Pullman as a part of his eponymous railroad car company, the Pullman Historic District is now recognized as one of Chicago's 77 official Chicago Community Areas. Designed specifically for Pullman's factory workers, this self-sufficient neighborhood would eventually go on to win awards as "the world's most perfect town". Today, the Pullman Historic District functions as one of Chicago's most prestigious neighborhoods, wowing luxury car rental customers with a mix of Victorian architecture and ultra-modern amenities. No upscale vacation would be complete without a tour of this remarkable area, so why wait? Plan to visit the Pullman Historic District during your upcoming luxury car rental vacation.

The Makings of a Utopian Society

The Pullman Historic District must have seemed like a dream when it was first introduced to the workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company. Designed by Pullman and Solon S. Beman, the Pullman Historic District took the needs of workers to heart, providing them with comfortable housing, pleasant surroundings and amenities like indoor plumbing, gas and sewers. The community was such a success that Beman was said to insist that Pullman name the neighborhood after himself. Pullman is rumored to have responded to the effect "sure, how about we combine the first half of my name, and the second half of yours?". This utopian-like community thrived for more than a decade, providing Pullman with a source of immeasurable pride. Misfortune came during the depression which followed the Panic of 1893. Demand for Pullman cars declined and the company was forced to lay off hundreds of workers as well as cut hours for others. Despite these cutbacks, Pullman refused to reduce the cost of rent in his community. Workers would eventually strike in 1894, three years before Pullman's death.

A Return to Resilience

After George Pullman died, the Illinois Supreme Court required that the company self off the town. It was quickly annexed into the city of Chicago. The Pullman Historic District gradually became a regular Chicago neighborhood, with one major exception. The Pullman section of the south side boasts some of the city's finest examples of Victorian era architecture. The fortunes of the area would rise and fall repeatedly over the following decades as the Pullman Palace Car Company attempted to stabilize. In 1960, the original Town of Pullman (located between 111th and 115th Streets) was threatened with total demolition in favor of an industrial park, Lucky for luxury car rental customers, the Pullman Civic Organization was formed and the town was saved. The Pullman Historic District would eventually be awarded National, State and City landmark status in 1972, protecting the area for future generations of luxury car rental tourists. Nearly 900 of the original row houses and public buildings are protected under the landmark designation, preserving an important part of Chicago history.

Many residents currently living in the Pullman Historic District are personally involved in restoring the area to its original utopian status. Walking tours of the area are available through the Historic Pullman Foundation. To learn more about the neighborhood and its history please feel free to visit the Foundation's official website at Luxury car rental customers can also log onto the Pullman Historic District community website at


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