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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the University of Chicago

A first class education awaits you inside the prestigious University of Chicago. Located principally in Hyde Park, the University of Chicago was founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller. U of C became one of the first universities in the country to be conceived as a combination of American interdisciplinary studies and German research strategies. Today the university is recognized as one of the world's best, providing luxury car rental students with a fulfilling post-secondary educational experience. Affiliated to 79 Nobel Prize laureates, the University of Chicago upholds and atmosphere dedicated to the highest level of learning. The school is also historically noted for its unique undergraduate core curriculum as well as a number of educational innovations. Luxury car rental customers of all ages are sure to have a fulfilling experience visiting the University of Chicago campus, so why wait? Enjoy an enlightened look at learning during your upcoming Windy City trip with a visit to the illustrious University of Chicago.

A Beautiful Campus Experience

The main campus of the University of Chicago is located seven miles south of downtown Chicago, in the famous neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Woodlawn. The campus is intersected by Frederick Law Olmsted's Midway Plaisance, left over from the 1893 World's Fair. Luxury car rental customers are encouraged to bring a camera along during campus visits in order to capture some of the facilities stunning neo-Gothic architecture. Constructed entirely out of limestone in the late 19th century, the campus' main buildings capture the true essence of scholarly discourse. Luxury car rental customers are also encouraged to visit the Main Quadrangle's botanical gardens. The campus also houses a number of striking modern facilities, including the Regenstein Library which was designed by Walter Netsch. This elaborate building was constructed on the grounds of the former Stagg Hill and is home to the world's first nuclear reaction. Other architectural highlights on the campus include the Rockefeller Chapel, designed by Bertram Goodhue, and the Frederick C. Robie house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Luxury car rental customers are also encouraged to visit the Yerkes Observatory, which is currently home to the largest refracting telescope ever built.

Fantastic Firsts: Advances at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago supports a long tradition of educational excellence, accomplishing a number of world-changing scientific breakthroughs. These have included:

  • The technique of carbon-14 dating. Willard Frank Libby discovered this unique form for dating ancient objects during his tenure at the university in 1949. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1960 for his discovery.
  • The discovery of the world's jet stream.
  • The completion of the now-famous Miller-Urey experiment. This revolutionary experiment is now considered to be a classic experiment concerning the origins of life.
  • The discovery of REM sleep.
  • The University of Chicago is also responsible for the development of Agent Orange, a highly-toxic herbicide that would later gain notoriety during the Vietnam War.
  • As part of the Manhattan Project, University of Chicago chemists began to study the newly manufactured radioactive element, plutonium. A trace quality of this new element was isolated on university grounds in 1942. The George Herbert Jones Laboratory is now considered to be a National Historic Landmark.
The University of Chicago is also known for a number of social advancements. In 1955, the university became the birthplace of improvisational comedy thanks to the formation of the undergraduate comedy troupe, the Compass Players. Chicago was also the first university to employ a female president back in 1978.

Are you thinking about embarking on a new educational path? If so, now is the time to visit the University of Chicago campus. Luxury car rental tourists can also visit the campus for its aesthetic appeal. To learn more about the schools academic programs and history please feel free to log onto the school's official website at The campus is located at 5801 South Ellis Avenue, in Chicago.


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