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Exotic & Luxury Car Rental Chicago


If you could request something more from your rent-a-car company what would it be? Would you demand 24-hour service? Perhaps you'd be interested in exclusive concierge services. What about a simple vehicle orientation lesson specially designed to help you get the most of your luxury car rental? Chicago Exotic Car Rentals understands that a top notch Chicago car rental is much more than four wheels and fancy interior. It's a reflection of ones character, class and self-accomplishment. A luxury car rental is nothing without a little soul, and the same goes for a car rental company. That's why the staff here at Chicago Exotics works hard to provide their car rental Chicago customers with the highest quality of service before, during and after you've solidified your luxury rental. Chicago Exotics believes that you deserve the best, whether you're visiting the website or shopping in person on the lot. This is the Chicago Exotic Car Rentals commitment to the Service of Excellence.

Feel the VIP Treatment

A fancy suit or flaunt a flashy handbag won't get VIP service at Chicago Car Exotic Car Rentals. Nor will an expansive entourage or a famous name. Quality service is reserved for only the most important customers at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals - YOU. Whether you're a celebrity or a salesperson, it doesn't matter. VIP treatment is Chicago Exotics gift to you. Consider it their way of saying thank you just for stopping in. Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation vehicle or interested in learning more about a certain make and model, the friendly staff at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals is standing by with answers to all your questions. Even late night internet clients can get the service they deserve thanks to 24 hour phone access to service specialists and reservation receptionists. Chicago Exotic Car Rentals can even help you pick out the perfect luxury car rental gift for someone special! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement, Chicago Exotics is bound to have a vehicle that's perfect for the occasion! No concern is ever too small so don't be afraid to phone in or stop by for more information. Staff members are always happy to help! To learn more about special occasion rentals please visit the pages dedicated to An Exotic Car Rentals as... A Graduation Gift, A Birthday Gift, An Anniversary Gift, and A Retirement Gift.

You Deserve the Best and Nothing Less

Chicago Exotic Car Rentals is proud to provide car rental Chicago customers with the outstanding service and amenities. That's why so many companies rely on Chicago Exotic for Corporate Gift Rentals! Services like free I-Pass for Illinois tollways, pre-programmed navigation systems and trip-planning assistance help make the most of your rental, long after you've driven off the lot. Corporate and Executive travel assistance is also available for those confusing of-the-beat-track business trips. Driving a luxury car rental is supposed to feel fun and fearless, so why waste your time worrying over some other companies "outstanding" service. Trust Chicago Exotic Car Rentals to provide you with extra celebratory amenities designed to make special occasions even more memorable. Whether you're Getting Married in Chicago or celebrating a milestone achievement, Chicago Exotics will gladly do whatever it takes to accommodate your needs. In fact, Chicago Exotics will hand deliver your rental to any address in the city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! From cell phone chargers and car seats to exclusive concierge services around town, you won't find another car rental Chicago dealership that's as dedicated as Chicago Exotics. Chicago Exotics even takes the time to provide you with a personalized music library, offering car rental Chicago customers a choice of jazz, pop, hip-pop, country, classical, European, Dance and R&B CDs. Most car rental companies in Chicago stop working once the customer as solidified a reservation. At Chicago Exotic Car Rentals that's when the work really begins!

The Chicago Exotic Car Rentals is very committed to the Service of Excellence, so don't be afraid to call, click or come in for more car rental Chicago information. The very best is waiting for you at Chicago Exotic Car Rentals so get ready. The VIP treatment is waiting...


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