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Car Rental Chicago and an Exotic Car Rental as a Corporate Gift

Keeping employees motivate and on task is important in corporate America. One bad month of sales is all it takes to jeopardize an entire season's worth of success. That's why Chicago Exotic Car Rentals has decided to offer their outstanding selection of car rental Chicago luxury vehicles as part of a new corporate gifting idea. Motivating your employees to succeed and achieve is as easy as turning the key in the ignition. Firing-up your workforce with a little in-office competition is a great way to boost your company's productive. And the prize: a unique luxury rent-a-car from Chicago's favorite exotic rental dealership of course. Spiking office productivity has never been easier. But that's not all. Chicago Exotic Car Rentals will also work alongside project planners to help make an upcoming company party a major success, complete with lavish car rental prizes. Chicago Exotic Car Rentals is ready and waiting to help inspire your company all day, everyday so why wait? Call to learn more about the luxury car rental Chicago corporate gifting option today.

Give the Gift that just Keeps Giving

When you give a Chicago Exotic Car Rental corporate gift you're giving your company the momentum it needs to succeed in today's cutthroat corporate world. Not only do your employees win, so does your company! Happy, productive employees make for an industrious office place, so what have you got to lose? Motivating your staff with a luxury rent-a-car from Chicago Exotic Car Rentals is a win/win situation, so don't wait until it's too late. Help get your company back on track with a luxurious car rental package from Chicago Exotics today. A vehicle rental from Chicago Exotic Car Rentals can also help bolster your company's good name thanks to special event appearances and options. If you're planning a big company gala now is the time to start thinking about a venue, entertainment and maybe a raffle or two. Raffling off a luxury car rental Chicago vehicle is a great way to engage people at an annual corporate event, not to mention the funds you'll raise for an important cause. Chicago Exotic Car Rentals can accommodate almost any rental situation so please feel free to stop by the shop or call in for more details.

Get a Lot for a Little

A corporate gift package from Chicago Exotic Car Rentals includes an amazing array of extra amenities and special features. The best part about these bonus offers? They're all free. That's right, now you can provide a deserving employee with the ultimate car rental experience without overshooting your budget. Every car rental Chicago luxury vehicle comes complete with a commitment to Service in Excellence, ensuring customers the highest grade before, during, and after they drive away in their rental. These means that your corporate gift package will include tons of exciting extras like corporate and executive travel assistance, pre-programmed navigation systems and cell-phone accessories. Your employee will even get a free I-Pass for quick access to all of Illinois toll routes. Talk about motivation. Once your winning employee has had a chance to savor the sweet taste of success, he or she will be raring to hit the daily grind even harder.

If you would like to increase the productivity of your company immediately Chicago Exotic Car Rentals has the perfect program for you. Simply call 1-312-204-7227 to learn more about a corporate car rental Chicago gift. Anyone of Chicago Exotic's outstanding vehicles can be used in this program, so don't be shy. But be forewarned - you may not be able to keep your employees out of the office if you offer a Ferrari rental as this months incentive.


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