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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Show me the money! If you've got money on your mind the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is the place for you. Located at 230 South LaSalle Street, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago provides visitors with an inside look at money and its impact on our society. Home to one of the world's most extensive Money Museums the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago functions as both a government institution and educational facility, performing informative tours daily. Luxury car rental clients are invited to enjoy a world of new experiences during their upcoming Chicago vacation, thanks to a number of exciting Bank sponsored programs. From lessons in counterfeit detecting to Federal Reserve Bank protocol programs, the Visitors Center and Money Museum at the Fed has a little something for everyone. If dollar signs are starting to make you delirious during your upcoming luxury car rental vacation, Chicago Exotic Car Rentals highly recommends visiting the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for a little relief. Now if only the bank would let you take a million or two home as a souvenir...

See Behind the Scenes at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Ever wonder how banks function so efficiently? Well now's your chance to find out. The Visitors Center at the Fed proudly provides luxury car rental clients with guided tours of the banks facilities, offering curious travelers a sneak peek at bank business. Guided tours of the onsite Money Museum last approximately 45 minutes and are available at 1pm, Monday through Friday. Luxury car rental clients can also embark on self guided tours of the Money Museum at any time during open hours. Guided tours of the facility include a short video about the operations of the Chicago Fed explaining the Federal Reserve System and monetary policy; a question and answer period and a walk through of the Museum with a trained, knowledgeable guide. All visitors must show photo ID before entering the Money Museum. Luxury car rental clients are also advised to note that the Money Museum can be closed at any time without warning for security reasons. Potential visitors are encouraged to call the Money Museum before visiting to make sure that all facilities are functioning properly.

See Money in a Different Light

Money comes to life inside the Visitor Center at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, creating a number of fun and informative exhibits. Get your hands on a cool million during your visit and stop by the Million-Dollar Cube, which functions as the center's main center piece. This unique work of art features a rotating block of 1 million devalued one dollar bills and weighs in at more than 2,000 pounds. More than 5,500 square feet are dedicated to cool exhibits inside the Chicago Fed, entertaining and educating visitors of all ages. Interactive computer games, videos and kinetic sculptures are all on hand to help introduce visitors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the banking process. Both money and banking have evolved significantly over the past few decades making the need to stay abreast of modern banking methods all the more important. The Visitor Center at the Chicago Fed was reopened in 2001 and features a number of high-tech exhibits. Must see features include a "Counterfeit Quiz", a comprehensive collection of rare coins and money and a kinetic sculpture that demonstrates the lifecycle of money. There's even an interactive game in which luxury car rental visitors can step into the shoes of bank Chairman Alan Greenspan and try their hand at setting monetary policy.

Who knew a bank could be so much fun? If you would like to learn more about the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Money Museum before embarking on your upcoming Chicago Exotic Car Rental vacation please visit The Money Museum is open to the public year round from 9am to 4pm. Admission is free. For more details please call the center directly at 312-322-2400.


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