Rent A Car Chicago and Belmont Harbor

Belmont Harbor is one of the most popular harbors in Chicago to visit with your rent a car Chicago, conveniently situated in Lincoln Park and adjacent to Dog Beach. Belmont Harbor is home to both the Chicago Yacht Club (Belmont Station) and the Belmont Yacht Club and makes a great place to travel to with your rent a car Chicago.

Belmont's location grants residents and visitors access to a plethora of recreational resources in the downtown area, the Lakeview neighborhood, the Lincoln Park, and the stretch of parks and beaches on Lake Michigan.

Spend the day on the water

Many residents of the Belmont Harbor enjoy watching the diverse models and sizes of boats. Consequently, there is something for every taste and activity level, from boating, active endeavors, and sporting events in Wrigley Field, to eclectic galleries and theaters. There is even "Dog Beach" a place specifically for dog owners to play and socialize with your rent a car Chicago.

What to expect

Preparation and availability of services is imperative in enjoying a great experience. The Ship's Store, located in the Harbor Building, offers refreshments, apparel and boating supplies. Diversey Harbor offers a wide array of services and amenities including:

  • 730 docks, mooring cans and star docks
  • Transient docking
  • A fuel dock facility- with gas and diesel fuels
  • A mast stepping/unstepping capability (reservations are required)
  • Waste pump-out equipment is available on a no charge basis
  • Belmont Harbor monitors channels 9 and 16


For additional information or to visit with your rent a car Chicago, please contact:

3600 Recreation Drive

Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 312.742.7673
Fax: 312.742.7695
Please contact Belmont Harbor any time AFTER May 15th regarding reservations.

There are a number of great places to visit with your rent a car Chicago on the water. This is a great place for people who enjoy being out on the lake or taking part in activities on land. To make the most of your rent a car Chicago, plan to spend at least one day at the harbor front.


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