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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Wendella Sightseeing Cruise

Imagine yourself on a boat in the middle river with your family, just enjoying the bright sunshine. There is a cool breeze and the sky is blue and nothing could go wrong. It is the most beautiful summer day and you couldn’t be more relaxed. You see birds overhead and ducks swimming around you. There are fish gathering underneath the boat and people tanning on the beach at shore. Where are you luxury car rental customers? You are on a Wendella Sightseeing Boat Cruise in Chicago. You may be with a few other people, but it is still the most wonderful and enjoyable day you have ever had. Your tour guide is telling you what you are looking at as you pass so that you can learn a bit more about the history of Chicago and the architecture of the buildings. You might see a church or a school or a historical building with a great story behind it. You will learn things you never knew about as you look at the world from a different perspective. Think outside the box and enjoy a Wendella Sightseeing Cruise on your upcoming luxury car rental vacation.

A sailing we will go

The Wendella Sightseeing Cruise knows exactly how to make boat tours fun and interesting for the whole family because it is, in fact, run by a family. The tour guides and staff that run the boat tours are very well trained and experienced to be able to answer any of your questions or take care of any sort of problem that may arise on your trip, if need be. You can choose what kind of tour you would like to go on; they include a private charter, sightseeing tours and architecture tours. It all depends on what kind of experience you wish to have. Why not do one of each for an educational as well as entertaining event? If you choose to go on the Chicago River Architecture Cruise you can learn all about the city’s oldest and most fascinating buildings. You can learn about the history behind them and how they have transformed into what they are today. The Wrigley Building is one of the most well-known buildings in Chicago because of its distinct structure. As you go about your boat tour, the guide will let you in on secrets of the city and they will tell you why Chicago is the place that many people all over the world choose to study. Check out some of the most famous and interesting places on your luxury car rental trip.

Catching some rays

You can get the chance to travel on Lake Michigan and River Chicago on your luxury car rental vacation. The boat tours take you along this path as you admire the scenery around you. You will also receive a live narration as you go along so that you know exactly where you are and what you are looking at. The most beautiful sight to see as you are out in the boat is the Chicago skyline that has been a part of history for many, many years. Take the time to enjoy the view because it may be something that you only get to see once. You can book private charter tours that will take you out as well. There are two boats that are just perfect for wedding receptions or corporate outings. If you want to invite some friends along, booking a private charter would be great to have a cocktail party get together. Whether you want to see the sights with a bunch of friends, or just enjoy a day with the family, the Wendella Sightseeing Cruise is perfect for your luxury car rental vacation.



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