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Have you ever noticed how a rich piece of chocolate can turn a bad day around and bring a smile to your face? How that melt-in-your-mouth goodness seems to make all of your cares disappear? The Blommer Chocolate Company of Chicago understands the uplifting powers of a sweet snack, and they are proud to provide their customers with some of Chicago's finest handmade chocolate concoctions. For more then 50 years the folks at Blommer's have been providing Chicago with an outstanding collection of chocolate products, so why not give your sweet-tooth a little exercise during your upcoming rent a car Chicago vacation? Stop in at Blommer's and experience a rush of chocolate-induced happiness today.

A family owned chocolate empire

Founded in 1939 by Chicago native Hennery Blommer Sr. and his two brothers, Blommer Chocolate Company is now the #1 family-owned chocolate manufacturer in North America. Known for their Signature Line of chocolates and specialty-alkalized cocoas, Blommer Chocolates provides customers with an unforgettable chocolate experience. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a sweetheart, you're sure to find something sweet along the shelves of Blommer's. Rent a car Chicago customers can find Blommer chocolates for sale all over the Midwest, so why resist the temptation any longer? Purchase a box of Blommer Chocolates today and succumb to the taste of perfection.

The Blommer Mission Statement

Blommer is dedicated to helping their customers produce quality products by meeting or exceeding all expectations. Blommer is proud to be a dominate name in the North American world of quality chocolate products and they look forward to being an international name within the near future. Rent a car Chicago customers will find that Blommer is committed to operating in an ethical, responsible and safe manner.

Blommer's seal of approval - the Signature Line

Rent a car Chicago customers will find only the finest ingredients in Blommer's exclusive Signature Line of chocolates. Developed especially for the premium quality, boxed-chocolate market, the Blommer Signature Line combines amazing technical expertise with the art of chocolate production. These to-die-for chocolates have been developed with the assistance of a Switzerland chocolatier, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for milk chocolate, dark chocolate of white coatings, you're sure to find a work of chocolate art inside the Signature Line boxes. Rent a car Chicago customers are encouraged to contact the Blommer Chocolate Company for more information on their Signature Line. Rent a car Chicago customers can even request a sample of these products by calling 1-800-825-8181.

Cocoa anyone?

Aside from producing some of the world's finest chocolates, Blommer's also manufactures an internationally recognized line of cocoas and powders. These unique powders are used in everything from drink mixes to ice cream recipes. Blommer's specialty cocoa operation includes state-of-the-art equipment and time-refined alkalizing techniques. Blommer's trained sensory analysts work alongside customers in order to develop unique flavors and color profiles, creating a one-of-a-kind cocoa concoction. You won't find a better tasting cocoa anywhere else in Chicago, so why rely on some lesser company? Contact Blommer's today to see how they can help infuse your life with a rich, chocolate flavor.

The Blommer Chocolate Company currently operates three facilities strategically placed throughout the United States. The original location is still running in Chicago. Rent a car Chicago customers are encouraged to visit this family-owned operation in order to learn more about the wonders of chocolate making. For more information on the Blommer Chocolate Company, please log onto Rent a car customers interested in Blommer products can also call the Chicago location at 1-800-621-1606. Blommer currently has locations in Chicago, Union City and East Greenville. Nobody does chocolate like Blommer's in Chicago, so why deny your sweet tooth any longer? Contact Blommer's to learn how they can help make your upcoming event extra sweet.


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