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If you ever get lost during your upcoming rent a car Chicago vacation, don't worry - there's one place in the Windy City where you'll always be welcome. Chi-Town's original travelers' tavern, the Map Room provides visitors with great food, good drinks and plenty of fun. If you have a soft spot for fantastic beer, there's no better place to find yourself stranded then at the Map Room. The Map Room offers more then 200 unique brands of brew representing 36 different brewing styles from across the US and around the world. All compasses lead to the Map Room, so stay your course and prepare for a round of outstanding beer.

Now's the time to appreciate your brew

Have you ever noticed how people don't savor their beer when they drink? Too often we wait for a commercial and down a bottle without a second thought. Well, the Map Room is tired of seeing beer abused in this way and is making it their mission to bring appreciation back to beer drinking. From the glasses to the cooling-systems, the Map Room is meticulous when it comes to service rent a car Chicago customers their brew. The Map Room's beer menu is constantly changing in order to provide customers with the very finest selection, so why wait? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to enjoy a great ale during your upcoming vacation.

Welcome to Beer 101 - if only they taught this in college!

If you think you know the ins and outs of everything beer, the Map Room invites you to participate in their monthly Beer School meetings. A local brewer stops by the Map Room one Saturday of every month, providing inquisitive customers with a lesson in liquid appreciation. Students will study several beers and learn exactly what they're tasting and why. Due to overwhelming demand, rent a car Chicago customers are encouraged to purchase their Beer School tickets as soon as possible. Tickets go on sale the Monday evening before the scheduled class. Tickets are cash-only and on a first come first serve basis. Enrollment in Beer School is capped at 50 people.

In need of a wake up call? Then grab a cup of Joe at the Map Room

Although the Map Room is best known for its beer, rent a car Chicago customers will also find a wonderful selection of coffee and baked goods during the morning rush. The Map Room proudly serves coffee from the local roaster Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Inc while baked goods are prepared fresh form the Alliance Baker. Rent a car Chicago customers are invited to stop in for a sensational cup of coffee Monday through Friday starting at 6:30am, Saturdays at 7:30am and Sundays at 11am.

Special Events and International Excitement: You'll find it all at the Map Room

The calendar at the Map Room is always full of exciting events and weekly specials. Any one week could include $5 Bloody & Mimosa Cocktail nights, International Samplers and release parities. There's never a quiet night at the Map Room, so be sure to ask the bartender what's happening when you come in. Exciting events set to take place at the Map Room this month include Tuesday International Nights and $5 Lite and High Life Saturdays. Rent a car Chicago customers are encouraged to contact the Map Room for more details.

Hours of enjoyment

The best beers are always served at Chicago's Map Room. Rent a car Chicago customers are invited to stop in Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 2pm, Saturday from 7:30am to 2am and Sunday from 11am to 2am. Alcohol is served everyday beginning at 11am. Rent a car Chicago customers can learn more about the Map Room by calling 1-773-252-7636. The Map Room is located at 1949 North Hoyne Street in Chicago. For more information, please visit


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