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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry

When you think of the world's most beloved cultural institutions, chances are good you think of places like the Louvre in France or the Metropolitan in New York City. But what about the Museum of Science and industry in the city of Chicago - would it make your list of most influential institutions? Well it should! Origins of this exciting Windy City facility are tied to two great World's Fairs and the insightful imagination of one Chicago business man. Inspired by a visit to the Deutches Museum in Munich, Julius Rosenwald (Chairman of Sears Roebuck & Company) became determined to create America's first center for what he called "industrial enlightenment". With the help of other Midwest business leaders, Rosenwald restored and converted the last remaining major structure from the 1893 World's Fair, the Palace of Fine Arts. In 1933 he opened the Muse of Science and Industry, providing visitors with a new type of museum experience. Exhibits at the museum are much more than displays. Designed to encourage interaction, the exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry attract more than 2 million visitors a year. If you're looking for an engaging Chicago experience you'll find it inside the Museum of Science and Industry so why wait? Plan to stop by during your upcoming luxury car rental vacation.

Come Early and Stay Late - You Don't Want to Miss These Exhibits

The Museum of Industry and Science is practically bursting with knowledge thanks to its collection of permanent and rotating exhibits. If you're planning to make the most of your time at the museum Chicago Exotic Car Rentals highly recommends getting the facility early and staying as late as possible. In keeping with Rosenwald's vision, many of the exhibits are interactive, ranging from topics like genetics to toy assemblage. All in all, there are three floors of standing exhibits at the Museum of Industry and Science as well as a large display area for temporary programs. Must-see exhibits at the museum include:

  • Take Flight: This high-flying exhibit recreates a San Francisco to Chicago flight using a real Boeing 727 jet plane. The plane was donated by United Airlines.
  • U-505 Submarine: The Museum of Science and Industry proudly exhibits the only German submarine ever captured by the US during World War II. Years were spent restoring and refurbishing this antique war machine to its original state, providing luxury car rental customers with an informative look at the history of war.
  • The Coal Mine: This exhibit is by far the most popular display at the Museum of Science and Industry, and it's easy to see why. Designed like a rollercoaster, this exhibit takes luxury car rental customers on a 600 foot ride through a pitch black elevator. Visitors will also get to sit in an authentic coal train as well as witness actually mining machinery at work.
  • The Chick Hatchery: Having trouble meeting chicks during your luxury car rental vacation? Well, why not stop by the Museum of Science and Industry's chick hatchery! This section of the museum features two stations - the hatched and the yet-to-be-hatched. If you're lucky and have enough patience, you might be able to see a baby chick emerge before your very eyes.
  • Toymaker 3000: We live in what many people refer to as the "age of the machine". The Museum of Science and Industry has picked up on this trend and now showcases the Toymaker 3000 - a completely self-animated robotic toy builder. Luxury car rental customers can purchase their very own Graviton spinning top assembled before your eyes by the Toymaker 3000 (an additional fee is applied).

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, the Museum of Science and Industry offers a complete summary tour covering every inch of the institution. This tour will take you from the earth's core to outer space, so come prepared for one crazy afternoon. What to learn more? Simply log onto the official Museum of Science and Industry website at before finalizing your luxury car rental vacation plans. Luxury car rental customers will find the museum at the intersection of 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive. Further information can be accessed by telephone at 1-773-684-1414.


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