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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Jane Addams Hull House

She is a woman of great integrity, amazing character and outstanding strength. She is a sociologist, a reformer, a philosopher and a social worker. She won the Nobel Peace Prize, making her the first American woman to do so. She is an innovator and a remarkable human being. Who is she, luxury car rental customers? She is Jane Addams, co-founder of the Hull House with Ellen Gates Starr. It is an inspiring place that will make you want to do better things with your life and it is the experience of a lifetime. Visit the Jane Addams Hull House on your upcoming luxury car rental trip for a moment you will never forget.

A woman on a mission

Jane Addams was born in Illinois and this is the place she came back to in order to set up the Hull House. The Hull House was one of the first settlement houses that the US has ever had. These houses were a place where people could engage in social reform and a place where the poor could go for welfare. About two thousand people come to visit the Hull House every week. Itís an astonishing number but not surprising considering all of the things it has to offer and the terrific history behind it. The Hull House was also a sociological institution where Addams worked with George H. Mead on issues of womenís rights and putting an end to child labor. Addams claimed she was a cultural feminist, symbolic interactionist and a pragmatist all rolled into one. Addams even had a bronze medallion made after her for all of her contributions to society in her lifetime. Her goals in life were aimed at working toward equality, peace and multiculturalism. She was a pioneer of her time and a woman of great courage. Be sure to visit the Jane Addams Hull House on your luxury car rental vacation.

We aim to please

The Hull House is dedicated to improving the social situations of people who are under-privileged in society. They simply want to make a difference for people and help society be better off and more independent. In 2001 alone, there were about 18,000 people that were helped in one way or another through programs and services that the Hull House offers. There are community centers for people of all ages and men and women alike, are welcome to take advantage of these services. There are various services groups like arts and recreation, child care, counseling and housing resources. They also help with domestic violence, youth job training and foster care, among other things. There are so many different programs and services available that you just have to come check it out for yourself on your luxury car rental vacation.

Take your pick

There are many things to get involved in at the Jane Addams Hull House, luxury car rental customers. If you like to swim, be sure to bring your bathing suit and try out the swimming pool. There is also a gymnasium and a girls club. If you enjoy reading books, there is a library available to you. There is also a night school for adults, clubs for children and kindergarten classes for young children. The Hull House has a public kitchen, a music school and a drama group. If you like to look at art or just want a relaxing activity, check out the art gallery. You can also sit down and have a cup of coffee at the coffeehouse or visit the book bindery. Whatever it is you are looking for, you might find it at the Jane Addams Hull House. Itís a great educational place to visit.



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