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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Brookfield Zoo

Located in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois, the Brookfield Zoo spans over 200 acres and houses over 400 species of animals! Since its opening on July1st, 1934, is was the 1st in America to exhibit giant pandas and in 1960 it built the nation's 1st fully indoor dolphin exhibit. What's also unique about the zoo is the fact that it uses moats and detunes instead of cages to separate animals from visitors! Don't wait any longer and take your Chicago car rental to Brookfield Zoo!

Famous Residents

Before taking your Chicago car rental to the zoo, read up on some of the famous animals that have resided and are presently residing at the Brookfield Zoo. Perhaps the most famous was the zoo's 6.5 ton bull elephant - Ziggy! He was kept indoors for nearly thirty years after attacking a trainer in 1941. After much media attention, Ziggy was released in 1973 but unfortunately he fell into his exhibit moat in March 1975. Seven months later he died. Another famous resident is Binti Jua. This Western lowland gorilla became a hero on August 16th 1996 when a young boy fell into the gorilla exhibit and Binti Jua carefully cradled the boy back safely to the trainers.

Animal Presentations

Zoo Chats

Every day of the week, Zookeepers take about their favourite subject - animals! Here you and your kids can get to see the animals through the eyes of the people who know them best. You'll even have a chance to pet a boa constrictor, get nose to beak with an eagle and much more!

Seven Seas Dolphin Presentation

Since the arrival of a new baby in November, presentations were closed down temporarily. Now things are up and running again and the zoo has a new baby-friendly presentation just for you! Ticket prices are as follows: adults (12-64) $3, kids (3-11) $2.50, seniors (65+) $2.50 and children 2 and under are free.

Children's Zoo

Bring your young children along! Here is an exhibit just for them. At 11am daily the is cow/goat milking. You can also watch a special presentation of Animals in Action at 3pm daily (weather permitting). If you happen to be at the zoo on a Tuesday you and your kids and watch a wool spinning demonstration!

Some Great Exhibits to Check Out

There are many exhibits to see once you arrive at the Brookfield Zoo in your Chicago car rental. Visit "The Swamp" and take a walk through the North American wetlands while learning why healthy swamps benefit both people and animals. Next, take a hike to "The Fragile kingdom" where you can get close to the lions, tigers, snow leopards and many other animals native to the African desert and Asian rain forest. The "Reptile House" is also a great place to see some of your favourite critters and learn why some reptiles are hot and why some others are cool. For a great chance to see some local animals, visit "Salt Creek Wilderness" and take the 1/4 mile trail around Indian Lake. You will also discover the Dragonfly Marsh! This is just a glimpse of what's out there, so feel free to explore and don't forget to get a zoo map!

How to Get to Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is located at First Avenue between Ogden Avenue and 31st Street in Brookfield, Illinois, just 14 miles west of downtown Chicago. There are exits to First Avenue from the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) and from the Stevenson Expressway (I-55). Signs on First Avenue will direct you and your Chicago car rental to the zoo's main entrance, or you can just follow the lion's roar!


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