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Imagine strolling through a lush landscape of tropical trees and exotic plants. Now, imagine doing that - in Chicago! It may sound crazy, but it's true thanks to the Garfield Park Conservatory and its six multi-faceted greenhouses. Toted as one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation, the Garfield Park Conservatory features approximately 4.5 acres of indoor and outdoor landscape. Often referred to as "landscape art under glass", the Conservatory is a definite must-see attraction for green-thumb travelers. Located inside Garfield Park, the Conservatory includes thousands of plants, many of which are used to decorate and beautify the downtown Chicago area. Whether you're an old oak or a young sprout, you're sure to find something beautiful in blossom at the Garfield Park Conservatory, so why wait another minute? Bridges, lagoons, gardens and gazebos are all on display at the Conservatory, creating the perfect vacation oasis for everyone in your luxury car rentals crew.

Tour Chicago's botanical gem

Prehistoric ferns, trickling waterfalls and towering trees are all a part of the experience inside Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory. Laugh, play and learn your way to a better understanding of environmental conservation and protection, thanks to the Conservatory's exciting self-guided and staff guided tours. Whether you're interested in botany, or simply looking for a relaxing afternoon escape, the Conservatory tours are sure to exciting. Customers of Chicago Exotic Luxury Car Rentals are invited to tour the Conservatory at their leisure with the help of informative self-guide signposts. There is absolutely no fee to explore the Conservatory on your own. Guided tours of the Garfield Park Conservatory are held Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 9am and finishing at 5pm. These group tours can be scheduled 30 days or more in advance. Fees for group tours are $150 for up to 25 people or $300 for 26 to 50 people. These guided tours include an overview of the Conservatory's architecture, as well as botanical details about the current collection. Special Donor Tours are also available for visitors who support the Conservatory's efforts.

The Conservatory just keeps growing: Gardens and exhibits at Garfield Park

The Garfield Park Conservatory is proud to provide customers of Chicago Exotic Luxury Car Rentals with access to some of the city's finest displays of environmental beauty and natural wonder. Outdoor gardens at the Conservatory currently include the City Garden, the Demonstration Garden and the Monet Garden. Admission to all of these outdoor attractions is free. Display houses at the Conservatory include the Aroid House, the Desert House and Horticultural Hall. Youngsters are also encouraged to visit the specially designed Children's Garden for a fun and comfortable afternoon of discovery. Exotic finds can also be uncovered inside the Palm House, the Sweet House and the Fern House. Still can't get enough of the Conservatory? Then remember to check out the new "Sugar from the Sun" exhibit during your upcoming luxury car rentals vacation. This exciting exhibit explores the fundamental biological process behind photosynthesis.

If you'd like to enjoy a little more green during your upcoming Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals vacation, there's no better place to start then at the Garfield Park Conservatory. This wonderful indoor/outdoor city facility is located at 300 North Central Park Avenue. Free parking can be found just south of the Conservatory's main entrance. Admission to the Conservatory is always free. Conservatory hours are 9am to 5pm (exception: on Thursday's the Conservatory is open until 8pm). The Garfield Park Conservatory is open every day of the year. Special workshops and demonstrations are held regularly inside the Conservatory, so don't be afraid to check one out during your upcoming visit. For more information, please log onto the official Garfield Park Conservatory webpage at Customers of Chicago Exotics Luxury Car Rentals can also call 1-773-638-1766 for more details.


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