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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

Breaking the mold is easy in a city like Chicago. From music and culture to clothing and creativity, the city of Chicago supports some of the nation's most revolutionary establishments. Take the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, for example. This classy jazz club is the crown jewel of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. People of all ages and orientations take to this club nightly, discussing everything from slam poetry to CNN. A great place to sip martinis and Schlitz, the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge provides luxury car rentals Chicago customers with an experience that's not easily forgotten. Played by legends like Von Freeman, Franz Jackson and Wilbur Campbell, the Green Mill proudly supports a deep tradition of jazz music within its walls. Deep, soulful sounds can always be heard here during the early morning hours, so why not stop in for a soothing serving of serenity? The Green Mill's sophisticated informality makes it one of Chicago's finest live entertainment venues, so grab a friend and drop in during your upcoming luxury car rentals Chicago vacation.

From Gangsters to Glamour: A Short History of the Green Mill

Since opening in 1907, the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge has played host to a number of famous - and very often infamous- celebrities. In the beginning, the club acted as a stopping place for mourners on their way to St. Boniface Cemetery. By 1910, the club had been converted from a roadhouse into a garden sanctuary, complete with outdoor dancing and lantern-lit drinking areas. Names like Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor and Sophie Tucker played the club during these days, creating quite a stir. A number of famous actors also took a liking to the Green Mill Gardens, including Wallace Beery and Bronco Billy Anderson. When the 1920's roared in, so did the gangsters. The Green Mill became mobster territory when Al Capone's head henchman, "Machinegun" Jack McGurn gained 25% ownership of the club. An incident in the club was later immortalized in the film A Jokers Wild. Throughout the 1930s, '40s and '50s, the Green Mill continued to make headlines, attracting millions of curious visitors. Today the club continues to attract an upper-class crowd of cutting edge philanthropists and philosophers, as well as revolutionary jazz musical acts.

The Birth of a Literary Revolution

In 1985 a construction worker/poet approached Dave Jemilo, owner of the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge with an idea. Marc Smith had been performing at the Get Me High Lounge reading what he called "slam" poetry. Jemilo liked the idea and on July 25th the "Uptown Poetry Slam" was born. This new form of performance poetry combined open-mike, guest performances and competition. The Green Mile soon became the mecca for performance poets and the Uptown Poetry Slam continues at the club to this day. Customers of luxury car rentals Chicago Exotics are invited to experience the phenomenon that is slam poetry by visiting the Green Mill Club during a reading. Simply contact the club for more information during your luxury car rentals Chicago vacation.

The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge of today proudly follows a down-to-earth philosophy. Friendliness and class combine inside this uptown haunt, creating an outstanding place for socializing and enlightenment. The club also maintains an authenticity of '40s service, music and mood, thanks to Art Deco and Art Nouveau embellishments. The walls at the Green Mill Lounge are always alive with stories from the past and present, so pull up a chair and listen in.

Customers of luxury car rentals Chicago Exotics are invited to learn more about the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge by logging onto Potential luxury car rentals Chicago visitors can also contact the club by calling 1-312-878-5552. The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge is located at 4802 North Broadway Avenue in Chicago. The establishment is open Monday through Friday from noon to 4am, Saturday from noon to 5am and Sunday from noon until 4am.


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