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What could be more romantic then a moonlit carriage ride with that certain someone special in your life. You'd pull them in close, cuddle up beneath a blanket and stare off into the starry sky. There'd be flowers and kiss, chocolates and whispers. So where does one find such a wonderful attraction? Why, at the Antique Coach & Carriage Company of Chicago! The Antique Coach & Carriage Company has been captivating the Chicagoland area for almost 20 years, providing rent a car Chicago customers with a unique vacation idea. Specializing in lakefront and gold coast carriage rides, the Antique Coach & Carriage Company is bound to have a package that's right for you.

A sophisticated way to see the sites in Chicago

There's no better way to absorb Chicago's historic atmosphere than in a horse-drawn buggy. That's why Chicago Exotics encourages its rent a car Chicago customers to check out the Antique Coach & Carriage Company. Whether you choose a romantic carriage for two or an informative group tour coach, you're sure to enjoy a unique sightseeing experience with Antique. Rent a car customers are encouraged to choose their own tour routes or pick from a variety of pre-arrange itineraries. You can also choose whether you'd like to ride in an open or closed carriage. The Antique Coach & Carriage Company will arrange to pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the downtown or outlying areas as well, so go ahead and be creative with your travel plans. Your sweetheart is sure to be impressed.

Add a dash of clash to your special event

The Antique Coach & Carriage Company can help you make a grand entrance at just about any type of formal event thanks to their unique collection of horse drawn buggies. Whether it be a wedding, a prom or a corporate event, the Antique Coach & Carriage Company is sure to have a buggy that's right for you. Antique's collection of authentic Victorian coaches compliment most any occasion and can accommodate up to six passengers. Rent a car Chicago customers can even visit the carriage showroom to help coordinate the carriage with an event theme. Simply contact Antique Coach & Carriage to learn more about event packages.

Every horse deserves a day off

When the horses aren't working at Antique Coach & Carriage, they're enjoying some time off at the Haywire Horse Ranch in Lockport, Illinois. Established in 1990 by Debra Hay, the Haywire Horse Ranch features plenty of pasture space for the hard working horses of Antique Coach & Carriage. Debra currently minds 25 horses, along with a breeding program and stud services. Rent a car customers interested in visiting the horses are encouraged to contact Debra at 1-708-301-8410.

Answering your important questions

  • Do the horses like their job? The horses that work for Antique Coach & Carriage gain a lot of enjoyment out of their job because it provides them with plenty of exercise. The horses are also able to interact with a wide range of people, which means plenty of pets and treats. When the horses aren't working, they're off relaxing at the Haywire Horse Ranch in Lockport, Illinois.
  • How much weight can a horse pull? A horse can easily pull a vehicle that is about six times its own weight. However, the horses at Antique are only required to pull carriages that weight about 25% of that capacity.
  • Do horses sleep standing up? Yes they do. Rent a car Chicago customers can tell if a horse is sleeping on the job by their back legs. A horse will often cock one of its hind feet in order to maintain its balance when sleeping.

If you're looking to add some romance to your upcoming rent a car Chicago vacation now's the time to contact the Antique Coach & Carriage Company. Antique Coach & Carriage is open year round. Rates are $40 per half hour and $80 per hour. Rent a car Chicago customers can make a reservation by calling 1-773-735-940 or 1-312-787-1349.


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