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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and the Chicago Air and Water Show

You hear a noise overhead and wonder what is going on. You canít even talk to the person beside you because itís so loud where you are standing that you almost have to cover your ears. What in the world is going on up above your head? Where did all of these people come from that are standing beside you? If you want to know what you have gotten yourself into, you are right in the middle of the Chicago Air and Water Show. Planes are zooming furiously above you and soon you will be able to see a fantastic display of acrobatics in the water before you. Thatís right, luxury car rental customers, this could be your once in a lifetime chance to see something so outrageous and so daring that you just canít look away. The Chicago Air and Water show is one of the biggest and oldest traditions in the country and it is one of the most popular exhibitions to date. You can see it all from lots of lakeside locations, but many people prefer to get a spot at North Beach Avenue where the sights are at their best. On your upcoming luxury car rental trip, go see the Chicago Air and Water Show for something you probably have never experienced before.

Itís a bird, itís a plane, itísÖ

The Chicago Air and Water show is a wonderful display of daredevil antics performed in the sky and in the water. There are military demonstrations that will take your breath away and even some of the civilians take their shot at pleasing the crowd. The stunts are amazing and the two days of activities are perfect for a vacation with luxury car rentals. The biggest highlight of the show is the jet formation of the US Navy Blue Angels. Itís a great show for families and for people of all ages. If you like planes, boats or watching exciting stunts, the Chicago Air and Water Show is a great choice. Last year, the show attracted 2,200,000 people and it is only two days long! People love the excitement, the entertainment and the socialization. Also included in the dayís events is the US Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. The civilians who perform are the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, the Air Force Reserve and the six-plane Lima Lima Flight Team. The Red Barron Pizza Squadron and the Shell Extreme Water Show are also a part of the festivities.

Make way for another one

Major Ed Hamill is a big part of the events at the Chicago Air and Water Show. He flies a 1300-pound bigplane that is six and a half feet tall. The plane is decked out in red, white and blue to show his American pride and it can reach a speed of up to 212 mph. The wingspan of the plane is 20 feet and Hamill is in compete control. There is no auto-pilot and no computer for him to rely on, just him, the handle and the rudder. He is a true veteran at the Chicago Air and Water Show, luxury car rental vacationers. He has well-planned routines and always seems to spark a huge interest in the audience. The water show begins at 9:00am and the air show starts at 11:00am and goes all the way until 4:00pm on both days. You are really getting your fair share of amusement, luxury car rental customers. There are planes, boats, friendly people and food galore. You and your entire family can enjoy a spectacular day in Chicago at the Air and Water Show. What a great opportunity!



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