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Car Rental Chicago and the Chicago Architecture Foundation

Discover the foundation and history of Chicago's buildings when you travel with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals. The Chicago Architecture Foundation's ArchCenter offers changing exhibits, lectures, classes and a museum shop. Among the several things you will see at the Chicago Architecture Foundation with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals is a scale model of the 16 - square - mile downtown area. The Chicago Architecture Foundation's mission is dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and related design. The Chicago Architecture Foundation fully believes that no art other than architecture can so vividly express what Chicago is and where it is heading. The Chicago Architecture Foundation will educate the public to expect the highest standard from Chicago's build environment. Visit the Chicago Architecture Foundation for a truly interesting outing.

A close call...

Before there was the Chicago Architecture Foundation there was the H.H. Richardson's Glessner House, one of Chicago's oldest residences. However the H.H. Richardson's Glessner House was in danger of becoming history until the architects and preservationists of Chicago founded the Chicago Architecture Foundation in 1966. A few years went by until the Chicago Architecture Foundation opened to the public and offered lectures and tours by volunteers. Soon the Chicago Architecture Foundation opened in new locations including in the Monadnock Building, which was replaced by the ArchiCenter in the Sanata Fe Building (on South Michigan Avenue) and another shop in the John Hancock Center.

Come see, come do, come buy all at the Chicago Architecture Founation...

The Chicago Architecture Foundation always has exhibitions going on. These exhibitions are always new and exciting ideas that you don't want to miss when you travel with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals. To avoid any disappointment check out their website for more information and description of the exhibits going on when you visit with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals. If you fortunate enough to visit the Chicago Architecture Foundation on Wednesday make sure you don't miss on the FREE and open lecture from 12:15 to 1:00 pm. No reservations are required and are targeted for the public audience. Lectures take place at The John Buck Company Lecture Hall Gallery and past topics include The History of Sears Roebuck & Company, Route 66 in North Lawndale: A Journey through History, and The Restoration of Louis Sullivan's Ganz Hall at the Auditorium Building. You can call 312 - 922 - 3432 ext. 266 for more information on Wednesday lectures. At the end of your visit to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, you probably want something to remember your trip with your Chicago car rentals company Chicago Exotic Rentals by. Drop by their gift shop for an assortment of unique and interesting things. The gift shop offers book, home accents, Chicago ornaments, apparel, jewelry, games, toys and more!

Bet you didn't know...

  • The Chicago Architecture Foundation celebrates it's 40th anniversary in 2006
  • Chicago Architecture Foundation received the AIA Honor Award for Collaborative Achievement in 2005 for it's Schoolyards to Skyline curriculum for grades K to 8.
  • A 3 - year architectures curriculum for high school students is currently in the works at the Chicago Architecture Foundation at the request of the Chicago Public Schools.
  • The Chicago Architecture Foundation has over 624 000 people who come for their tours, exhibitions, lectures, or special events.
  • 8 300 people hold a membership at the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Chicago Architecture Foundation

224 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Phone: 312 - 922 - 3432
Fax: 312 - 922 - 0481
Please visit the official website of the Chicago Architecture Foundation at for more information.


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