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Luxury Car Rentals Chicago and Harpo Studios

Chicago's most famous resident, Oprah Winfrey, has made quite the name for herself over the past 20 years since she began hosting her wildly popular daytime talk show. However, Oprah is much more than your average television personality. Over the years Oprah has molded her name into a multi-billion dollar empire, begin with her original investment, Harpo Studios. When Oprah first began her reign as a televisions number one talk show queen, she was shooting at the Windy City's local WLS-TV studios. Her show, AM Chicago, became an overnight hit, and it wasn't long before Oprah became an international name. As the show quickly expanded, Oprah decided to open her own production agency, taking charge of her show and her image. Oprah's vision began back in 1988 and included purchasing a cluster of buildings in Chicago's West Loop. Now, nearly two decades later, these buildings are recognized as home to one of the most prosperous entertainment empires in the world. Luxury car rental customers are encouraged to visit the Harpo Studios as part of an upcoming Chicago vacation, so don't forget. Who knows - you may even see Oprah herself as she heads in for another day at the office.

Fun facts about Harpo Studios

The buildings, which now house Harpo Studios, have a long and colorful television history. Here are just a few fun and informative facts concerning them:

  • In the early 1900s, the Harpo buildings' housed Chicago's Second Regiment Armory. After the Eastland Steamer capsized in Lake Michigan, the Armory was used as a substitute morgue for victims of the disaster. Harpo staff members still claim they can sometimes see the ghost of the "Gray Lady" walking the halls.
  • Harpo Studios was once a roller skating rink. It was named the Roller Bowl and open for sorts of special events and parties.
  • During the 1950s, Harpo's buildings were known as the Fred Niles Studios. A number of television commercials have also been filmed here, including a few staring legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. A handful of movies were also shot inside the Fred Niles Studios. Older luxury car rental customers may recognize these film titles: Mickey One, starring Warren Beatty and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
  • When Oprah purchased the buildings for Harpo Studios, she became the third woman in America to own her own studio, and the first African-American woman. The first two were Mary Pickford and Lucille
  • Harpo spelt backwards is Oprah.
  • As of September 9, 2005, more than 3,717 episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show had been taped at Harpo Studios.
  • About 3000 audience members fill the seats at Harpo Studios every taping. This means that more than 1,115,100 luxury car rental customers have watched the Oprah show live over the last 20 years.

Making movies and shows that matter

Oprah's Harpo production agency is dedicated to providing luxury car rental viewers with a number of exciting television shows and network concepts. These include everything from the Dr. Phil show to the new Rachael Ray Show. Harpo is also responsible for Oprah's popular monthly magazine "O" as well as her new XM radio show. A number of touching movies have also been filmed and produced at Harpo studios including 1989's "The Women of Brewster Place", 1998's "Beloved" and 2005 "Their Eyes Were Watching God". Denzel Washington is set to direct another outstanding movie at Harpo in 2008. It is entitled "The Great Debaters". No other woman has had as much influence in the entertainment industry as Oprah, so why not take the time to visit her during your upcoming luxury car rental vacation. Customers of Chicago Exotic Car Rentals are invited to call and reserve seats to an upcoming taping of the show. Luxury car rental customers are invited to visit the Chicago Exotic's page entitled "The Oprah Show" for more details.


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