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Chicago Exotic Car Rental and the Bentley Continental GT

Are you looking to dazzle and impress for your next visit to Chicago? Are you having difficulties to find the right car to help you express your personality? The next generation of ultra-luxury cars is now available through Chicago exotic car rentals. What is a better car to ride around town in class than the all new Bentley Continental GT! This exotic car rental is one of a kind with the grandeur and sophistication exuding in all directions. It will be hard not to receive more than a few stares at this head-turning beauty. Worth over $160,000, the Bentley Continental GT is the ultimate status maker, providing Chicago travelers with elegance and unrivaled class. The driver of this exotic car rental will also experience a unique blend of exhilaration from the phenomenal power while enjoying extreme relaxation from the Bentley Continental GT’s extravagant comfort. Overtly sexy yet extremely practical, this car is a must-drive for car enthusiasts, so hurry and reserve this exotic car rental today!

This ultra-luxury car has one of the most powerful engines ever built yet it is designed with practicality in mind. One may say the Bentley Continental GT is a synthesis of contradictions by encompassing unsurpassed comfort, craftsmanship and aerodynamics in this supercar. The first all new Bentley in fifty years, the Bentley Continental GT bears some resemblance to the other Bentley family models but the design is contemporary with timeless elegance. In the typical Bentley proportions, the Continental GT exotic car rental has a short front overhang and a dominant bonnet while the cabin is specifically designed for a sleek and compact appearance. The seamless contour stem from the pillarless cabin design, resulting in visual delight to the audience and the unbroken expanse of glass create airlines in the cabin. The large and elegant headlamps not only serve as an acknowledgement of the Bentley’s hallmark of luxury car design, it also helps to provide exceptional illumination.

While the external design of the Bentley Continental GT is distinctively attractive, the rich interior of this exotic car rental present Chicago travelers with pure luxury for complete relaxation. Using only the finest leather and hand-crafted wood veneers adds to the splendor while the stainless steel surfaced pedals and chrome surrounded instruments combines modernism to the interior. The Bentley Continental GT not only can comfortably seat 4 people, it can hold longer items thanks to the space-saving design by placing the fuel tank in the floor of the car which allows for an impressive 370-litre boot volume.

All the luxury in the Bentley Continental GT is backed up by extraordinary performance. Powered by 552 horses, the 6-litre W-12 engine gives you 479 pound-fee of torque that lets you sprint from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. With the max speed at 198 mph, better watch out for the police cruisers when you zip around Chicago. Acceleration is so linear and smooth and there is no sensation of speed at any velocity; this exotic car rental brings the saying of “you can’t tell how fast you are going” to a whole new level. Even at top speeds, wind noise is almost nonexistent and suspension filters out bumps that leave the travelers the smoothest relaxing ride. The continuous all-wheel drive system provides precision handling and safety even in excitement. The sleek aerodynamics and advanced technology collaboration results in the supreme performance in this luxurious exotic car rental.

The Bentley Continental GT is the pinnacle of luxury and the symbol of status. It is not hard to see why this exotic car rental is on a level of its own. Take the Bentley Continental GT for a spin and you will understand what all the fuss is about. This exotic car rental is bound to be a hot commodity in Chicago, so don’t delay and reserve yours today!



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