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Chicago Exotic Car Rental and the Mercedes CLS500

The Mercedes-Benz CL5300 luxury car rental has a presence quite unlike any vehicle currently on the road. A legacy in the US and Europe, the Mercedes-Benz CLS500 is fully loaded with a refreshing mix of traditional styling and modern zing! Touted as the world’s first four-door coupe, the CLS500 is the perfect rental choice for first-class exotic car rental Chicago vacations. Big on space and small on gas, the CLS500 exotic car rental is absolutely stunning, combining the shell of a luxury sedan with the soul of a sports car. Designed atop the bones of the old Mercedes E-Class, the new CLS500 is starving for speed and attention, so what are you waiting for! If you’re looking to roar through the streets of Chi-town during your upcoming exotic car rental Chicago vacation now’s the time to reserve your ride! Call Chicago Exotic Car Rentals today to find out more!

Designed with the world’s first seven-speed automatic transmission, the Mercedes CLS500 is full of record breaking potential, setting the standard for first-class automotive genius around the world. Equipped with a myriad of technologically advanced systems, the Mercedes-Benz CLS500 is capable of handling most any on-road situation, be it a slipper street or bumpy roadblock. Standard features of the CLS500 include Sensotronic Braking, computer-controlled air-springs, a COMAND driver interface and ultra comfy seats. The CLS500 also features a plethora of trunk space, boasting over 15.8 feet of prime storage space. Exotic car rental Chicago customers are also treated to side curtain airbags, as well as removable headrests. The perfect plush passenger carrier for cosmopolitan travelers and corporate clients, the Mercedes-Benz CLS500 exotic car rental is well on its way to becoming one of America’s favorite foreign coupes.

Drivers of the new 2006 Mercedes CLS500 can expect to experience a whole lot of power during their upcoming exotic car rental Chicago vacation thanks to the vehicles impressive 302 horsepower 32-valve V8 engine. Equipped with the largest V8 in its class, the CLS500 packs nearly 340 pounds-feet of torque propelling the vehicle from 0 to 60mph in no time flat! Drivers can also expect to hear a round of refreshing rousing noises when they rocket of the line so be sure to roll that window down and soak it all in! And who could resist the CLS500’s amazing fuel efficiency rating? Exotic car rental customers can rev this coupe’s engine for hours and still maintain 20 miles per gallon, an exceptional undertaking for a car of this size, stature and sophistication! Comfort is also in high supply throughout the CLS500 providing travelers with a whisper-soft transmission, silky-smooth handling and ultra-responsive steering. A rewarding car for both drivers and passengers, the Mercedes-Benz CLS500 luxury car rental has been completely revamped for the 2006 automotive season, so don’t miss your chance to check it out soon! Call Chicago Exotic Car Rentals today to reserve your very own CLS500 rental now!

The exterior of the all new Mercedes-Benz CLS500 luxury car rental is designed with both aesthetics and aerodynamics in mind, creating a look that oozes entitlement. From the rounded rear quarters to the bold front headlamps the Mercedes CLS500 is in the business of attracting a lot of attention so come prepared for plenty of envious glances! Designed around an original Mercedes concept, the CLS500 is clearly a one-of-a-kind car, so why not complete the image with a one-of-a-kind driver?! Call Chicago Exotic Car Rentals today to learn how you can become the next customer to drive this beautiful exotic car rental!

So what do you get when you fuse a sporty two-seater with a functional luxury sedan? Well, if you’re Mercedes you come up with the brand new 2006 CLS500 luxury coupe! The perfect exotic car rental choice for confident individuals and fun-loving families, the Mercedes CLS500 is fully equipped with a wide variety of advanced features, not to mention the latest in safety and accident prevention. If you would like to learn more about this exciting new exotic car rental Chicago rent-a-car before embarking on your upcoming vacation please feel free to contact the Chicago Exotic Car Rentals customer service staff at 1-312-204-7227. Instantaneous reservations can also be made online by clicking on the “Reserve Online” section of this webpage.



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