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Chicago Exotic Car Rental and the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe

Ferrari is known around the world as the manufacturer of super cars and the 360 Modena Coupe is no exception. It is everything a Ferrari it should be and if anything, it exceeds any expectations one may have for a Ferrari. A car of beauty, from the airvents in the front to the rear quad tailpipes, there is none like this exotic car rental. The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupeís clean sheet design and weight reduction combined with greater chassis rigidity provides more solid handling and with power and speed of lightening, driving this exotic car rental around Chicago is an exhilarating experience. Based on the prior 355, the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe features a variety of mechanical advancement as well as futuristic design, it is sure to satisfy any automotive enthusiasts! The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental will surely make a huge impression, so donít delay and reserve yours Everyone dreams to drive a Ferrari at one point in the life, so why not make it a reality and reserve your very own Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe Chicago exotic car rental today!

The Ferrari has known for its head-turning designs and the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe encompasses all of the best of Ferrari and more. The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental provides Chicago travelers with impression of class and prestige.

The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe uses the new technology of exclusively using aluminum, a first for a Ferrari road car. This led to a drop of 100kg compared to its predecessor while delivering more generous dimensions. The all-aluminum double suspension layout also tuned for optimal handling and stability to yield the maximum driving pleasure. Equipped with sophisticated suspension geometry controls, the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental offers all-round stability. This is further enhanced by Bosch integrated ABS/ASR along with EBD for braking effort correction and MSR for torque return control that prevents wheel lock-up while decelerating.

With one of the highest figure reached by naturally-aspirated V8 production engine, this exotic car rental purrs out 395 horsepower with 275 pounds per feet of torque. The engineís also has a great flexibility which translates into relaxed and easy drive even during heavy traffic. As one of the fastest cars around, the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental can easily sprints from 0 Ė 60 mph in merely 4.3 seconds. So be sure to keep an eye out for police cruisers during your upcoming trip to Chicago!

The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe is the 163rd Ferrari designed by Pininfarina, and it is no exception with a beauty of successively mixing innovative designs while incorporating signature Ferrari style elements. This exotic car rentalís aerodynamics focused on the two large intakes for radiators located in the front which helps to stabilize the car in high speed without compromising the sleek outline.

This Italian sophisticated powerhouse not only looks hot with its smooth contour and body detailing, it proves itself that its inner beauty is worthy to drool over as well. The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental offers more generous dimensions compared to the 355 to provide more luxurious comfort to its passengers with an especially roomy cockpit. The interior trim is a mixture of leather and aluminum parts with the aluminum serves as a defining mark for the Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental. The cockpit is also designed for taller than average users with four-way manual and six electric adjustments, making it easy to customize it to your uttermost comfort. The added roominess also allows for a 4.2 cubic foot space behind the seats to provide for a few suitcases and golf bags Ė perfect for a short trip going through the city of Chicago.

The Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe exotic car rental is an exceptional car that carries the Ferrari spirit yet more advanced and sophisticated than its predecessor. This is an all-round must-drive sports car, so donít deprive yourself and reserve this exotic car rental for your upcoming trip to Chicago!



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